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Granny NANNIES of Dallas is dedicated to ensuring you receive the home care you or a loved one require and deserve. Whether you need short-term care, long-term care, or something in-between, caregivers are available 24 hours a day. Call Granny NANNIES at 972-590-0238 for more information.

Senior Home Care

As our loved ones age health conditions and age related illness become more common and requires some form of long-term care. Professional private duty caregivers specializing in helping aging seniors maintain an independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home. Learn more

Alzheimer's Care

Living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia is challenging and will require professionals who specialize in Alzheimer’s care. Having the care of a private caregiver can benefit not only the patient but entire family, friends, relatives and loved ones. Learn more

Accident or Surgery Recovery

Recovering patients are frequently discharged from a hospital with the recommendation that they obtain assisted home care from a private duty nurse. A professional caregiver can help ensure a quick successful recovery. Learn more

Hospice Care

Hospice care provides a special way of caring for family members and loved ones facing an end of life decision. Compassionate care professionals provide delicate care ensuring as much comfort as possible. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

We understand how challenging it can be adjusting to everyday life after suffering from a stroke. A Certified Nursing Assistant can play a critical role in assisting with daily activities and getting you or your loved one through a safe recovery. Learn more

Special Needs Care

Caring for children with special needs or those with disabilities of any age can be challenging for any family. Having a compassionate care professional can be essential for a joyful and healthy life. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA) are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Learn more

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Alicia Jones , Mar 13, 2017

Two months ago, we transitioned to Granny Nannies to care for my elderly mother who suffers with Dementia. Her caregiver Niki is caring, very attentive to mom's needs and knowledgeable. She prepares meals, and preforms light housework chores. The administrators, Charene, Toni, and Gregg are committed to the well being of their clients and famlilies. The service is invaluable and I highly recommend Granny Nannies

Nayla Stephan , Mar 9, 2017

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Janet Nelson , Mar 2, 2017

Granny nannies of north Texas was awesome with our loved ones care. From the time they answered the phone til mom went in the hospital- granny nannies was attentive, responsive, timely in meeting our needs and most important- we all felt care for by the team. Shelia was our primary care provider. She took such loving personal care of mom. I knew mom was in good hands and I could focus on what I needed to do to care for My mom. I trusted Shelia and she did not let me down. Shelia played games with Mom, took her on outings, and care for the dam cat too. Shelia ensured mom took her meds and was showered and in clean clothes. The house was always safe, straighten and cleaned. Mom felt loved by shelia- and she was a blessing in our life. Charene thank you for all your personal attention to mom and her needs. I am sure you are a busy lady. The GN team was a blessing to us. Thank you!

Jen , Feb 8, 2017

Great company! Great group of ladies!

Fred Manget , Oct 25, 2016

Provided excellent help for us to buy food, and cook it for dinner three times a week. Billing to my credit card worked seamlessly..

Chuck Escobedo , Oct 25, 2016

I recently had major surgery and Granny Nannies was Extremely helpful in providing transportation to and from the hospital. They arrived on time and are extremely dependable.

Justina Tyrell , Oct 20, 2016

I used Granny Nannies to care for my elderly mother who suffers from Dementia. We started with only 2 days per week for 4 hours/day and as my mothers condition has advanced we have increased the hours as needed. Granny Nannies has done a wonderful job of keeping her in great spirits and I believe has slowed the worsening of her condition. Our caregiver (Mary) is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. She is constantly coming up with creative ways to keep mother engaged and full of life as well as helping lift the burden of day to day care from our family. Mary is always reading to prepare a meal, run and errand, or focus on Mom. I cannot express the level of my satisfaction, they have been a blessing for my mother and our family. I highly recommend them.

Toni Thrash , Oct 20, 2016

I found this company far exceeded my expectations in caring for my mom! They provide some housekeeping and meal prep along with running errands! Highly recommend Granny NANNIES!!

Ana Castillo , Nov 10, 2015

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