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"At Granny Nannies, we are involved in the community, and growing our neighborhoods. As part of that, we have been featured on news publications, and have done videos about ourselves, our goals, and our dreams for the community. Check out our work below, and be sure to stay tuned for any new videos or news features!"

Good Morning, Texas Features Granny NANNIES

Everyone who lives in Texas, or at least has been to the Great State Fair of Texas, has had a Fletcher’s Corny Dog! Mr. Skip Fletcher, The Corny Dog King himself, recently had some health issues. Hear Mr. Fletcher explain how Granny NANNIES provided support to him and his entire family during this difficult time (he continues to be a client today!). His wife GG Fletcher calls their relationship with Granny NANNIES “life-changing”!

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Stroke Survivor ~ Valerie Greene

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