Granny NANNIES™ Senior Home Care Licensing Opportunity

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Granny NANNIES™ Caregivers and patients


The present day American population consists of more than 40 million seniors. With a growing need for proper long-term care, the demand to find a reliable home health care agency is on the rise. Granny NANNIES’ number one priority is ensuring that clients receive the home care they require and deserve.

Experience the satisfaction of helping others with home care by becoming a Granny NANNIES License owner.

Why Own A Granny NANNIES License?

  • Potential for high revenue
  • Lower licensing fee than any competitor
  • License focused profits - royalties are based on net revenues
  • Fast, efficient, and an effective training process
  • 35 locations
  • Large market territories
  • More than 30 years of superior service
  • An established system with professional training, support, and assistance
  • Unlimited access to exclusive administrative, operational, and marketing materials

Provide superior home care.
Become a Granny NANNIES License Owner.

  • Do you enjoy helping people in need of compassionate care?
  • Are you driven to succeed?
  • Are you confident enough to make leadership decisions?
  • Are you available and open to working nights and weekends?
  • Do you have time and financial resources to dedicate to owning a license?

If you answered 'yes" to all these questions

Owning a Granny NANNIES License may be right for you.

Ready to become a Granny NANNIES License owner?

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