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Florida Home Health Care Services

Home health care can encompass a wide range of services for an illness or injury that can be given in the comfort of your home. It is typically less expensive and more convenient, and potentially more effective than the care you would receive in a hospital.

A Pre-vetted Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA) can be available for referrals to assist you with some of the following typical Home Care needs examples:

Most Caregivers are also specialized in monitoring blood pressure, pain levels, heart rate and breathing patterns. Your caregiver can remind that you or your loved one will have taken their prescriptions in a timely manner and assist in preparing nutritious meals.

About Us and Florida

When it came to finding a home for the Granny Nannies corporate offices, there was no better place for us than the heart of Florida. This is where we would spread our name and begin growing the Granny Nannies brand. It was a natural home for us because it Florida holds the highest percentage of the elderly population in the entire United States. On top of this, from Miami to Orlando, and even all the way to Jacksonville, Florida maintains one of the highest percentages of new residents from other states. Everyone wants to come here; the weather is warm almost all year round, and apart from the potential for hurricanes, there’s hardly any bad weather.

Our home state of Florida is also incredibly diverse in culture. This is due in large part to the dominant economic driver being tourism. Typically, people think of Orlando as the primary destination, because of Disney and other attractions, but Miami is also a very highly trafficked city because of South Beach and other amenities. Being a destination state allows for more and more people to call our state home, and it continues to increase year over year.

Apart from the demographics of Florida, it’s also home to very unique climates and natural phenomenon. When asked about the landscape, the first and foremost thing that comes to most people’s minds is beaches. You’re never far from any beach, because Florida is surrounded by water. From Tampa and the Gulf of Mexico, to the entire eastern seaboard, you’re never more than 2 hours from either coast. We also have the Everglades, an expansive swampland in the southern part of the state. It’s almost entirely uninhabitable, but is home to hundreds of animal species, some that only exist in Florida. It’s no wonder why we call Florida our home.

Why Granny NANNIES?

Granny NANNIES offers you the client the opportunity to hand-select your Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides that are specifically suited to meet your family’s circumstances. We will carefully screen the credentials of each caregiver including background checks, references and physical conditions to assure clients are able to select from only the best. We do our best to look for Caregivers that are certified, experienced, and compassionate professionals.

Granny NANNIES Florida Locations: