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Senior Home Care Fruitland Park, Florida

Fruitland Park is a city in Lake County, Florida with a small population. Almost 10% of the population is aged 65 and up and is living independently. The Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Regional Hospital are two of the closest hospitals to the area. If you have a loved one living alone in this area, but in need of some type of short-term, long-term or medium-term care, call Granny Nannies. Since the 1990’s, Granny Nannies has been committed to helping families with home care needs. Call Granny NANNIES at 352-365-7866 for more information.

Senior Home Care

When your beloved aging senior is experiencing failing health and struggling to maintain their active or independent lifestyle, some type of professional care may be ideal. Aging seniors, even with illness, usually want to remain independent and at home, therefore it’s smart to research professional private-duty caregivers specializing in this demographic. Learn more

Alzheimer's Care

When Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia start impacting your loved one’s bodily functions and physical health, caring for them elevates to a whole new stress level. Why wait until that point to get professional help if you can intervene before then? You can turn the physical care and safety of your Alzheimer’s patient to a trained pro and watch the family return to a calmer state. Learn more

Accident or Surgery Recovery

You made it through surgery! Now what? How the heck are you going to deal with life at home? Your surgeon recommended a private duty nurse, so follow doctor’s orders and look into a professional caregiver. This helper can help you experience a complete recovery. Learn more

Hospice Care Assistance

When a compassionate hospice professional is called to a home to care for someone at the end-of-their life, they are typically a huge source of relief and comfort or the entire family. Hospice care provides a special way of caring for family members and loved ones encountering this difficult time. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

A stroke recovery process will go more smoothly at home with the help of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN). Professional care can make daily activities easier and getting your loved one safely through recovery. Learn more

24-Hour Home Care

Caring for a loved one can be challenging for families, but this challenge doesn't have to be faced alone, If your loved ones care escalates at night, it may be time to call for overnight home care or 24-hour round the clock care. Learn more

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