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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for Home Care Services

Thanks for considering Granny Nannies in the Jacksonville area!

We are so confident about the care your loved one will receive, that if you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

This offer is only available for new, first time clients of either the Jacksonville or Gainesville Granny Nannies locations.

How Does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

First, this offer is only good in either the Jacksonville or Gainesville service area.

When you sign up for your customized service agreement with Granny Nannies, your agreement will include the Money Back Guarantee.

We must receive feedback within the first 5 days of service, and you must complete 10 days of service. This allows us to address any reasonable concerns you have quickly. If we are unable to resolve or reasonably address your concerns, we will give you your money back.

How to Get Started in Jacksonville

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Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions:
Client must be in the Jacksonville or Gainesville Granny Nannies service area. In the unlikely event Client is dissatisfied with the services provided by Granny Nannies, Client must notify Nurse Registry within the first five (5) days of Client’s services under this Agreement. If Nurse Registry is unable to resolve Client’s reasonable dissatisfaction within the next five (5) days of Client’s services, Nurse Registry will refund the fees paid for such services for the ten (10) day period. In order to qualify for the refund, Client must give feedback to Nurse Registry within the first five (5) days of service, and must complete ten (10) full days of service in order to allow Nurse Registry the time to address the concerns. Client may not reduce or terminate services in such 10-day period. The Money Back Guarantee only applies to first time clients of Nurse Registry, and Client may not have been a client of any other Granny Nannies location. The offer cannot be transferred to any other patient or location. Finally, the Money Back Guarantee is only available to any individual client once in their lifetime.

Home Care Services

Alzheimer's Home Care

Alzheimer’s patient with caregiver Living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia is challenging and will require professionals who specialize in Alzheimer’s care. Having the care of a private caregiver can benefit not only the patient but entire family, friends, relatives and loved ones. Learn more...

Chronic Lung Disease Care

Elderly man in wheelchair using oxygen, next to his wife Whether afflicted by COPD, Emphysema or Asthma patients with a chronic lung disease need special care. Each individual is unique, but all have the common goal of alleviating symptoms and restoring their quality of life. Learn more...

Fall Prevention Care

Caregiver helping elderly man with walker Most falls happen because of loss of balance. Patients may have neglected the use of a walker or other assistive device and fallen as a result. Caregivers focus on reducing the risk of injury and frequency of falls to encourage safe, independent at-home living. Learn more...

Heart Disease Care

Caregivers posing with Heart in background We recognize that patients with heart disease and congestive heart failure need special care and supervision. Caregivers understand the challenges associated with cardiovascular disorders and are specially trained and qualified to treat your loved one with the care they deserve. Learn more...

Hospice Care Assistance

Caregiver pushing Hospice patient in wheelchair through park Hospice care assistance provides a special way of caring for family members and loved ones facing an end of life decision. Compassionate care professionals provide delicate care ensuring as much comfort as possible. Learn more...

Hospital Sitter Care

Hospital Sitter and patient in Hospital room We understand that taking time off to be in the hospital with a loved one is challenging. A hospital sitter serves as a valuable resource to your family member who requires around-the-clock loving care. Learn more...

Parkinson's Home Care

Parkinson's Patient in wheelchair with caregiver Your loved one may require assistance in order to stay healthy and independent. Continually adapting to day-to-day processes is demanding and a Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Home Health Aides (HHA) can help make the gradual transition as easy as possible by carefully monitoring your loved one. Learn more...

Recovery Accident/Surgery

Recovery Patient in wheelchair with caregiver Recovering patients are frequently discharged from a hospital with the recommendation that they obtain assisted home care from a private duty nurse. A professional caregiver can help ensure a quick successful recovery. Learn more

Respite Care Relief

Caregiver sitting on couch with elderly couple Everyone needs a break sometimes, so sit back and let a professional caregiver or homemaker do the work. Certified caregivers are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate with patients. A caregiver can be the perfect helping hand in cases dealing with special needs, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Learn more

Senior Home Care

Elderly man in wheelchair with caregiver As our loved ones age health conditions and age related illness become more common and requires some form of long-term care. Professional private duty caregivers specialize in helping aging seniors maintain an independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home. Learn more...

Social Isolation Care

Caregiver posing with wheelchair in background Family caregivers may not always be able to dedicate as much time as they would like to care for their loved ones. When work gets in the way, a private duty caregiver can provide the attention your loved one needs. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

Stroke Recovery patient sitting in chair We understand how challenging it can be adjusting to everyday life after suffering from a stroke. A Certified Nursing Assistant can play a critical role in assisting with daily activities and getting you or your loved one through a safe recovery. Learn more

24-Hour Home Care

Elderly woman laying in bed receiving 24hr care Caring for a loved one can be challenging for families, but this challenge doesn't have to be faced alone, If your loved ones care escalates at night, it may be time to call for overnight home care or 24-hour round the clock care. Learn more...

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Service Disclaimer:

Each Granny NANNIES location is independently owned and operated. Granny NANNIES Licensing Group, LLC and its affiliates do not control or manage the day-to-day business operations of any Granny NANNIES licensed locations. Each location chooses to operate one of two different types of business models. Some locations are providers of home care. These locations employ the care providers who provide home care for their clients. Other locations are care-provider referral services. These locations help match clients seeking a home care provider with pre-background-screened, pre-credential-verified care providers who operate independently and are not employees of the location. This business model supports consumer-directed home care, where the consumer determines all aspects of a home-care arrangement. You should contact a Granny NANNIES location directly to confirm the type of business model it operates.