How Much Does Home Care Cost?

Granny NANNIES is committed to offering the best value in Senior Home Care by providing our Clients the highest quality Caregivers available, at highly competitive rates. After almost 31 years in business… We know that the keys to success are ensuring that both our Clients and our Caregivers are happy, as happy Caregivers do great work! Our unique business model allows for lower operating costs that translate into lower overall rates for our Clients. And even though our fees are very reasonable, we are still able to contract with our Caregivers at rates that are typically 20% higher than the regional industry average. What does this mean to you? Granny NANNIES is attracting and retaining the best Caregivers available so that you have a 5-Star experience without overpaying to get it.

How much do Ongoing Services cost?

The total rate for Ongoing Care ranges from $28 to $32 per hour, with the average customer paying less than $30 per hour. Sales tax is not applicable to our services and these hourly rates include all of the associated processing fees.

Why do the Rates vary?

The total hourly rate is heavily influenced by the Caregiver’s compensation expectations as related to the following factors: ongoing or temporary services, level of care, requested volume of care, length of requested shifts, weekdays versus weekends, client location, the number of clients in the home that need assistance, etc. The preferred payment method also factors into the total hourly rate.

Do you have a “Setup Fee”?

No. There are no charges whatsoever related to service startup. Despite many of our competitors charging these fees, we consider the setup process a “cost of doing business” and a necessary first step towards providing excellent service.

Do you charge extra for Temporary Home Care?

Yes. The Temporary Services hourly rate is typically higher than our Ongoing Services rate. As mentioned above, we do not charge a “setup fee” and with the services being temporary (generally less than two weeks), it makes it difficult for us to cover our initial administrative setup costs if the total rate is not slightly higher than our Ongoing Services rate.

Do you have any service minimums for Temporary Home Care?

Yes. 40-hours per week or at least 5-days if providing Live-In care.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, ACH Checking Debits, Checks, as well as Long-Term Care Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Is there an upcharge for weekends?

Typically, there are no additional charges for weekends if the Client is also using our Home Care Services in equal volume during the weekdays/weeknights. However, if the Client requires weekend-only coverage, the typical rate will be slightly higher so that we can cover the Caregivers’ expectation to be paid more on a weekend.

How much does “Live-In” care cost?

The average total daily starting rate for Live-In care is $525. You must have a spare bedroom/bathroom for the Caregiver, allow the Caregiver to share meals with the Client, and the Caregiver needs to get a reasonable amount of sleep each night with no more than 4-5 interruptions. While you may see some agencies offering lower costs for Live-In care, be wary… The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) laws with regards to Home Care Providers and their associated wages changed in 2016. Our Live-In program is 100% DOL compliant, so you can have peace of mind knowing there will not be any “wage and hour” issues using our Caregivers in this fashion. Live-In Clients are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office for more details regarding the Live-In program.

Am I required to give you a deposit before starting services?

No. Provided certain conditions are met, no deposit is required.

Are there any mileage fees for running errands or providing transportation for the Client?

Yes. If your Caregiver uses his/her vehicle to run errands or transport the Client, they are generally compensated at a rate of .55 per mile as remuneration for fuel, wear/tear, insurance, etc. However, if the Client has a vehicle, you are more than welcome to allow the Caregiver to use that vehicle instead, which would incur no additional fees. Many of our Clients still own a vehicle and choose to have their Caregiver use it instead, as the Client has personally selected that vehicle for the ease of getting in/out and comfort.

Does Medicare cover any of the Non-Medical Home Care Services that Granny Nannies provides?

No. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for Non-Medical Home Care Services. A good rule of thumb is that Medicare typically only covers temporary Home Care Services provided by Skilled Practitioners such as Physicians, RN's, PT's, OT's, etc. for Patients that are considered “Homebound”. In most cases, Non-Medical Home Care Services is an “out of pocket” expense. See this link for more information about what Medicare does and does not cover from the official Government Medicare website:

Does Traditional Health Insurance cover any Non-Medical Home Care Services that Granny Nannies provides?

No. Much like Medicare, Traditional Health Insurance typically only covers Skilled Medical Visits and will not pay for Non-Medical Home Care Services. In most cases, the only type of insurance that will pay for Non-Medical Home Care Services is Long-Term Care Insurance or Disability Insurance.

Do you still have questions about pricing?

We know that everyone’s needs are different and would be happy to discuss all the available options. Call today to speak with one of our Client Services Specialists who would be happy to review your needs and give you a custom quote based on those specific needs.

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Service Disclaimer:

Each Granny NANNIES location is independently owned and operated. Granny NANNIES Licensing Group, LLC and its affiliates do not control or manage the day-to-day business operations of any Granny NANNIES licensed locations. Each location chooses to operate one of two different types of business models. Some locations are providers of home care. These locations employ the care providers who provide home care for their clients. Other locations are care-provider referral services. These locations help match clients seeking a home care provider with pre-background-screened, pre-credential-verified care providers who operate independently and are not employees of the location. This business model supports consumer-directed home care, where the consumer determines all aspects of a home-care arrangement. You should contact a Granny NANNIES location directly to confirm the type of business model it operates.