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Rates and Terms Frequently Asked Questions

Granny NANNIES is committed to providing our clients the best home care providers available, while at the same time making the services a tremendous value. After almost 20 years in business, we know that making both our clients and caregivers happy is the key to success. Happy caregivers do great work! We’re extremely proud of the fact that our caregivers typically contract at rates that are 20% higher than industry averages for our region. Despite that, we still manage to keep our overall rates lower than our competition. What does this mean to you? Granny NANNIES is attracting and retaining the best caregivers available so that you have a 5-star experience without having to overpay to get it. How do we do it? Volume. Lots and lots of volume. We service hundreds of clients at any one time and because of that volume, we can afford to pass the savings on to you.

How much do ongoing services cost? Overall total rates for ongoing care for a single client, which include all associated fees, range from $18 to $22 per hour... With the typical client paying a total of $19 per hour.

Why do the rates vary? While our agency portion of the fee is fixed to a certain degree, the overall total hourly rate can vary based on the following variables which will affect the caregiver’s portion of the total fee: ongoing or temporary services, level of care, requested volume of care , length of requested shifts, days versus nights versus weekends, patient location, number of clients in the home that need assistance, etc…

Do you have any minimums? Yes, we require a 4-hour minimum per shift, 2-visit minimum per week.

Why don’t you offer shorter shifts? While we would love to accommodate the smaller shifts, they can be very difficult to keep filled on an ongoing basis. Caregivers, like the rest of us, have financial responsibilities to meet. Working shorter shifts makes it difficult for them to honor those responsibilities, which typically results in constant turnover as they move on looking for better opportunities. Granny NANNIES prides itself on consistent care and the 4-hour minimum helps to ensure that the services live up to their reputation for reliability.

Do you have a “setup fee”? No, we don’t. There are no charges whatsoever related to service startup.

Do I need to maintain a consistent schedule? Yes, in order to make certain you have the same caregiver each week, we do need you to maintain a consistent schedule to avoid any scheduling conflicts with your caregiver’s other patients. You can add shifts as needed, but we cannot guarantee that it will be your regular caregiver.

Is there an upcharge for nights or weekends? Typically there are no additional charges for night shifts or weekends. However, if you require only weekend coverage and have no regular visits scheduled during the week, the rate will be slightly higher.

Do you offer “live-in” care? Yes, we do. The average total daily rate for live-in care is $335. However, you must have a spare bedroom for the caregiver and provide meals for her/him during their stay.

Do you offer temporary coverage? Yes, we do offer short term, temporary care. This is generally considered 2 weeks or less. However, we do have a 6-hour shift minimum and a 30-hour per week minimum for temporary coverage. The rates vary as mentioned above, and are typically $2-3 per hour more than our regular ongoing shift rates.

How are payments processed? Our best rates can be had by having payments debited from a checking/savings or credit card on a weekly basis. There is a discount available to our private pay customers for using an ACH debit from a checking or savings versus a credit card. We do have invoicing options for those that prefer that method. However, invoicing does incur a slightly higher hourly cost and requires a deposit to secure the account.

What type of payments do you accept? We accept private pay, long term care insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.

Will you file our long term care insurance claims? Most certainly. We offer two options. You can either pay for the services yourself and we’ll file for reimbursement on your behalf at no charge. Or, we can take care of everything with the insurance company with no out of pocket expenses on your part, for a small upcharge.

Am I required to give you a deposit? No, so long as payments are being automatically debited and there are funding sources on file to guarantee the account, no deposit is necessary.

Are there any contracts? No, there are no contracts or commitments. As a licensed nursing agency, we are required by the state of Florida to get signature acknowledgements on a number of documents. However, you can start and stop services as often as you like with no penalties.

Does Medicare or regular health insurance cover the cost of these services? Unfortunately, they do not pay for these services. Medicare and your typical health insurance plans only pay for skilled services. Non-medical home care services are considered non-skilled or custodial care. These services are paid for directly by the consumer or through a long term care insurance policy.

Do you still have questions about pricing and terms? We know that everyone’s needs are different and would be happy to discuss the available options. Call our office today and speak with one of our client services specialists who would be happy to review your needs and give you a custom quote based on those specific needs.