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Pewee Valley Kentucky Home Care Services

Got an aging family member or a loved one with unique home care needs in Pewee Valley, other suburbs of Louisville or Oldham County? Even if they live in a small town or rural area, Granny Nannies can fill in where hospital care can’t. You can feel confident knowing that Granny Nannies, family-owned since the 1990s, is accessible and ready to provide solutions. With everything from long-term to short-term care—Granny Nannies caregivers are available round the clock, just by calling 502-454-9134 for more details.

Senior Home Care

Declining health conditions and age-related illnesses are more common as Boomers get older, and so is looking into a form of long-term care. Thankfully, there are professional private-duty caregivers who specialize in helping seniors maintain independence in the comfort of their own home. Learn more

Alzheimer's Care

The challenges of living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia may require the assistance of professionals who specialize in caring for patients with this disease. Having the attention of a private caregiver decreases the frustrations and difficulties of memory loss and mood swings, benefitting the well-being of the patient and their family. Learn more

Accident or Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery patients are commonly discharged from hospitals or surgical centers with doctor’s recommendations to seek assisted home care from a private duty nurse. This type of professional caregiver can facilitate a more efficient and successful recovery. Learn more

Hospice Care Assistance

When a loved one has cancer or another chronic illness, hospice may be the path to take. This is a difficult time for a family, and you want the patient to feel dignified and as comfortable as possible. That’s the goal of a thoughtful and trained hospice care provider. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

Life after a stroke is a huge adjustment for the patient and their loved ones. Suddenly, everyday tasks like getting dressed, walking up and downstairs, and tooth brushing can be daunting. To help cope with stroke recovery and assist with daily activities, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) plays a critical role in getting stroke patients through a safe recovery. Learn more

24-Hour Home Care

Caring for a loved one can be challenging for families, but this challenge doesn't have to be faced alone, If your loved ones care escalates at night, it may be time to call for overnight home care or 24-hour round the clock care. Learn more

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