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Senior Home Care Longwood Florida

Longwood is found in central Florida’s Seminole County, just north of Orlando. There are 10 hospitals within 10 miles of Longwood. With a population greater than 55,000, and almost 17% of its population aged 65 and up, Longwood residents have been served by Granny NANNIES since the 1990’s. Committed to helping families with their unique home care needs and time frames—everything from long-term to short-term care - Granny Nannies caregivers are available 24 hours a day, just by calling 407-682-7758 for more details.

Senior Home Care

Declining health conditions and age-related illness are more common as we get older, and so is requiring some form of long-term care. The upside is that professional private-duty caregivers who specialize in helping seniors maintain independence in the comfort of their own home. Learn more

Alzheimer's Care

The challenges of living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia may require professionals who specialize caring for patients with this disease. Having the care of a private caregiver can decrease the frustrations and difficulties of memory loss and mood swings, benefitting the well-being of the patient and their loved ones. Learn more

Accident or Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery or trauma-recovery patients are commonly discharged from hospitals or surgical centers, then told to consider seeking assisted home care from a private duty nurse. A professional caregiver can help ensure a quick and more successful recovery. Learn more

Hospice Care

When cancer or another serious illness means your loved one is facing a difficult and dignified end-of-life care decision, the compassionate care of a trained professional is appropriate. The delicate nature of hospice care provides a special way of caring for family members and loved ones. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

Life after a stroke is a huge adjustment for the patient and their loved ones. Suddenly, everyday tasks are daunting. To help cope with stroke recovery and assist with daily activities, a Certified Nursing Assistant can play a critical role in getting you or your loved one through a safe recovery. Learn more

Special Needs Care

Caring for children of all ages with special needs or disabilities brings unique challenges to any family and their home. Yet, the assistance of a compassionate caregiver can relieve stress and frustrations and yield a more joyful and healthy life. If needed, certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA) are available all week round-the-clock. Learn more

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Granny NANNIES of Orlando, FL

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Jeanette Funes , Jan 25, 2017

Best home health care provider in town. They're affordable, efficient and caring. My grandma truly enjoyed being able to stay in her comfort zone. Best part is that they have several locations so if we travel, we're allowed to keep the same great service. THANK YOU!

Bridgette Stark , Oct 28, 2016

When we needed help with my mother, Granny Nannies was there to help and gave us peace of mind. Caring for elderly parents is always difficult but Granny Nannies helped us through. We will always be grateful for what they did for my mom and our family. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Erika Guardado , Oct 27, 2016

I couldn't have asked for better care for my family member. Knowing that your family is getting excellent care is extremely comforting and Granny Nannies has exceeded my expectations. Highly Recommend.

Debbie Nanus , Oct 11, 2016

We are a very close family. Our grandmother was the center of our world. She was 94 when a stroke, followed by pneumonia, followed by an abdominal infection landed her in the hospital 3 times within a really short period of time. It was enough to take its toll on her body and spirit. She just wanted to be at home and that is what we wanted for her. And, in fact, our last trip to the hospital resulted in coming home with hospice care and, additionally, the need for home healthcare. For the last 30 years, she and my mom (her daughter), lived together. Three of her 6 grandchildren, all the granddaughters, lived within minutes of them, so we were close by. My Mom had taken care of her for years, but 24/7 care was a whole different thing. We reached out to Granny Nannies and because our experience with them was life-changing, I feel compelled to share the journey with anyone thinking about making this choice. We were with GN for about a year and a half and the aides became part of our family. They all were, and will always be, true gifts to us. Two of them, in particular, had a powerful impact on our lives. They each developed their own caring relationship with our grandmother and my mom. Their devotion was evident from the beginning. The foundation of any caregiving is trust. For my mom, trust meant being able to leave her home, during the day, knowing that grandma was taken care of, that she was safe, content and happy. Trust also meant that my mom could sleep through the night knowing that an aide was quietly watching over our grandmother and helping her at night. Our aides were there for our grandmother, for my mom and for us. At the end of August, our beloved grandmother's journey on this earth ended. We are at peace knowing we did everything possible to make her last year comfortable, enjoyable and meaningful. We did this together with some very special people. If your family is considering home healthcare, if you have a loved one that you care about and want to help them stay at home, I encourage you to reach out to Granny Nannies. Talk with them, meet with them and see for yourself what an extraordinary gift they are to our community.

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