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Corydon Indiana Home Care Services

There’s a small town named Corydon in Harrison County, Indiana, that’s north of the Ohio River and near Harrison County Hospital and Floyd Memorial Hospital. Got a loved one here who needs something different from hospital care, like long-term or short-term care at home? Then contact family-run Granny Nannies. For over 30 years, Granny Nannies has been committed to helping families across America with home care needs. To find caregivers that suit your schedule, call Granny Nannies at 812-572-4428.

Senior Home Care

Some older folks wanted to be respected when it comes to staying at home as they age, even if their health is not great and their safety is questionable. One solution: hiring a professionally trained private-duty caregiver who specializes in helping aging seniors maintain stay independent and comfortable in their own homes. Learn more

Alzheimer's Care

When a loved one suffers complications and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia, like mood swings and memory loss, it’s increasingly difficult and stressful for the family caregiver to sustain the care demands. Hire a professionally trained caregiver to step in, so you can step out and breathe and tend to your life for a while. Learn more

Accident or Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery, at-home recovery can be made safer and more successful by bringing in a private-duty nurse. If you are navigating at home with limited mobility, great amounts of pain, or a wound that needs tending to, you’ll appreciate the help for sure. Learn more

Hospice Care Assistance

When it’s time for hospice care to provide compassionate care for a critically or terminally ill loved one, family members' main goal is for the patient to be pain-free and comfortable. There are professionally-trained, wonderful caregivers available to fill these important needs. Learn more

Stroke Recovery Care

A post-stroke patient embarks upon a challenging recovery journey at home, which can be made safer and less frustrating with the help of an experienced Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to assist with daily activities. Learn more

24-Hour Home Care

Caring for a loved one can be challenging for families, but this challenge doesn't have to be faced alone, If your loved ones care escalates at night, it may be time to call for overnight home care or 24-hour round the clock care. Learn more

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