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History of Granny Nannies

About Granny NANNIES of Miami, FL

Granny Nannies home care agency was founded in 1990 by Rob and Kirsten’s family as a result of a very personal family situation; the need to find quality, reliable and affordable senior care for Rob’s aging grandmother. The plight is similar to other across the county; an elderly parent who have working adult children, who may be parents themselves; a grandparent with a zest for life and a disabling condition; a senior with an undeniable need for homecare assistance with the activities of everyday living yet with a determined desire to stay in her own home, with loved ones to whom a nursing home was, “out of the question.” When the search for competent, caring and affordable care assistance turned up very little, Rob and Kirsten solved the problem for themselves and hundreds of other families by establishing Granny nannies to offer specialized private duty home care services.

Meghan and Ralph started their search for a home care business in Orlando, FL. The plan was to move down to South Florida to be closer to family and relocate to a bigger city with more opportunity for growth. Granny Nannies was the perfect match for Meghan and Ralph’s education background and corporate experience.

Meghan and Ralph met one another at the University of Central Florida in which the both of them graduated with degrees in business. Meghan holds a degree in Health Service Administration and Ralph in Business Administration.

How did they get involved in the field? After graduating Meghan worked for a luxury assisted living facility. It was here that she grew a love for the long term care industry and the people that she served. Although the facility was beautiful and the staff was very compassionate and attentive she realized there was one common denominator with all of her residents. If given the choice, they would have preferred to have stayed home. On the other end, Ralph started off in the information technology field and shortly after started a business in real estate. Being in the business of helping people achieve the American Dream by owning a home this was a natural transition into the home care industry. By working in this industry he realized that he was keeping that dream alive for his clients and enabling them to stay in that home with the implementation of home care services.

And the rest is history! Granny Nannies Miami has grown into a successful home care agency serving the Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. Meghan and Ralph have stayed true to the original mission, “a nursing agency committed to providing the highest quality of compassionate care to its clients who are seeking independent living in the comfort of their own homes or other suitable environments.” Our love for serving the Greatest Generation continues to grow!