Structured Family Caregiver Program

Structured Family Caregiving in the Atlanta Area

Caring for a family member at home? Find the support you’ve been looking for with Granny Nannies and Structured Family Caregiving.

How to Qualify

Your family member must be a Medicaid Waiver Member. This program allows family members to receive care at home from a trusted family member. The family Caregiver must live with the Medicaid Waiver Member.

Benefits to Caregivers
As a family caregiver with the Structured Family Caregiving program, you may qualify to receive:
  • Daily Stipend
  • Guidance and Support from a Health Coach
  • Consultation from a Registered Nurse
  • Communication via a Secure Online Portal
  • Health Education
Don’t Put Off Receiving the Support You Deserve

Family caregivers in the Atlanta area, find the respect and support you’ve been looking for. We're happy to help and are ready to come alongside you and your loved one.

To learn more about the Structured Family Caregiving program, contact Granny Nannies by calling (404) 530-0040 or filling out our form.

I am the Caregiver: I am a Medicaid Waiver Member:

Service Disclaimer:

Each Granny NANNIES location is independently owned and operated. Granny NANNIES Licensing Group, LLC and its affiliates do not control or manage the day-to-day business operations of any Granny NANNIES licensed locations. Each location chooses to operate one of two different types of business models. Some locations are providers of home care. These locations employ the care providers who provide home care for their clients. Other locations are care-provider referral services. These locations help match clients seeking a home care provider with pre-background-screened, pre-credential-verified care providers who operate independently and are not employees of the location. This business model supports consumer-directed home care, where the consumer determines all aspects of a home-care arrangement. You should contact a Granny NANNIES location directly to confirm the type of business model it operates.