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Dallas, TX Home Care

April 11, 2016 Home Health Care

Who is home health care available to?

Home health care is a very important industry. It allows people to continue living in their homes who might otherwise need to live in a nursing home or residential care facility. This allows the individuals receiving home health care to maintain some of their independence. In many cases, hiring a Dallas based business, such as Granny Nannies can help alleviate the stress. It can allow some people to remain in their family home despite their family not being qualified to personally provide all their care. There are many benefits to choosing the use of home health care aides, but who qualifies?

Senior Citizens

As people age, they face new challenges. They may have difficulty with walking and be at risk of dangerous or fatal falls when left alone. Remembering important information such as whether or not medicines have been taken can be difficult, and accidents involving medication can become common. When a senior is struggling with health care needs but wants to retain their independence, a home health care aide can be a beneficial addition to their life.

Alzheimer's Patients

Degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer's disease can create a situation where a patient should not be left alone. Even in a family home, someone needs to be around when the family can't be to provide a loved one with care and keep them safe. Home health care aides who specialize in patients with dementia and can provide safety and security for patients encountering this difficult challenge.

Post-Surgical and Post-Accident Patients

People who have been in an auto accident or other type of accident often need significant care during their home recovery, as do those recovering from serious surgery, such as back, neck or brain procedures. A Private Nurse providing home care can make sure that mobility issues don't limit a recovering patient from meeting their needs and that the patient is receiving all the care necessary to make a speedy recovery.

Hospice Care

Hospice care, also known as palliative or end of life care can be a difficult choice to make. However, if a loved one is coming to the end of their journey, choosing at home hospice care can allow them to remain comfortable, safe and secure while being cared for with the utmost in professionalism and compassion. Home health care professionals are trained in providing quality hospice care to loved ones.

Post-Stroke Recovery

A stroke is a serious event which can have minor or major results on the human body. Recovering after a stroke often means recovering mobility and speech, which make day to day life extremely challenging. A Certified Nursing Assistants can work with patients as a home health care aide, helping them with their day to day challenges and caring for them to ensure their safety and wellness.

Special Needs Individuals

Whether they are children or adults, patients with special needs often require specialized home care to facilitate their continued happy home life. Qualified home health care aides can work with disabled and special needs patients to make sure they are happy and healthy.