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April 4, 2016 Home Health Care

Home Health Care Compared to Nursing Homes

Our clients prefer home health care services and have different emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We will choose a caregiver who can respond to those special needs and who can also share similar interests with our client. Our staff places emphasis on a family environment and only wants to provide the very best services. The policies at a nursing home can be very strict and can cause hardships for the patients. We want our clients to be comfortable in the privacy of a traditional home.

Home Health Care

The benefits from home health care service compared to nursing homes include lower costs, fewer problems, personalized services and more freedom. The costs for home health care are for the services and not for housing expenses. Our clients will have fewer problems in the privacy of a traditional home. The services are personalized and provided by professionals who treat our clients like family members. The activities of our clients are not controlled by the rules for a nursing home.

Nursing Homes

The staff at a nursing home will provide health care services for several patients in a unit or ward. The patients must pay fees for housing and also pay separate fees for medical services. The atmosphere may not be friendly because the patients may not have any privacy. Most nursing homes do not have private rooms, which is a serious inconvenience. There are rules and policies that are used to control the business operations. The patients may have restricted activities and very limited freedom.


Our clients can relax and also take care of daily tasks such as preparing meals or doing laundry with a washer and dryer. There are no restrictions and no time limits for bubble baths or for the volume control on a television. Our client is always welcome in his or her home and will not be asked to leave. Home health care services can help to protect the freedom, the dignity and the safety of our clients.


Costs are a serious concern. Our clients may need to control costs while recovering from a stroke, from surgery or from an injury. If a client has a permanent disability, then family members will need to contribute less for our services than for the services from a nursing home. We will thoroughly discuss information about the costs with our clients. A plan for treatment includes a budget, which will reflect information about the expenses that can be covered with insurance.


When our clients receive health care services at home, family members can conveniently visit and can also stay for weeks or months. There are no visiting hours to restrict the opportunities for celebrating birthdays or for making new memories. A nursing home is a health care facility that has business hours and restrictions about visitors.