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Dallas, TX Home Care

March 5, 2016 Dallas

Caregiver Training in Dallas

Being a Dallas home health care provider is a rewarding and gratifying job that can allow you make a difference in the lives of the elderly people. Dallas TX has many homes for seniors that employ dependable, caring, and kind individuals who are willing to provide non-medical assistance, residential care, and in-home services to the elderly. Recommended in the Dallas area is Granny Nannies home health care. For information on them please see their website

The typical tasks for the qualified senior caregivers may include:

  • Companionship and conversation
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Light housekeeping
  • General assistance
  • Personal care assistance, such as bathing, dressing and grooming

Qualifying to be a caregiver

If you are a compassionate, loving, and enthusiastic person with a desire to help seniors, then a career as a senior caregiver could be perfect for you. Residential care homes for seniors in Dallas TX can offer you a competitive salary, a flexible work schedule, and a peaceful work environment

Training as a senior helper prepares you to attend to the daily needs of the elderly as explained in the home care personal attendant training manual. The schools that teach and certify people to become caregivers will typically teach their students the following skills:

  • Hair care, nail care, and personal grooming
  • Feeding as some seniors may need assistance in eating
  • Toileting skills to enable you to help the senior go to the washroom and bathroom in privacy.
  • Hand washing and feet care especially for the elderly with mobility challenges
  • Dressing assistance for the elderly who cannot dress themselves
  • Nutritional care, the science of food, the appropriate diet for senior that can promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Carrying out a pleasant conversation with your client to promote socialization
  • Non-medical care for the seniors with mobility challenges, diabetes, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or high blood pressure
  • Escort of the senior on shopping trips, places of worship, or banks
  • Providing the senior with active companionship during the gaming time

Caregiver Training Schools in Dallas TX

The American Caregiver Association explains that people willing to gain employment in assisted living homes need Certified Nursing Aide training. Several specialty schools in Dallas TX can offer caregiver certification training that will enable you to apply for a job in a home for the elderly. Some Dallas TX senior residential care homes require certification as a nursing aide while others only need caregiver training.

To become a qualified caregiver, open more doors as a caregiver, or increase your pay, you can enroll in the following caregiver training school in Dallas TX:

Advanced Healthcare Institute
11615 Forest Central Drive
Suite 108 Dallas, TX 75243
Agape Healthcare Career
10561 North Central Expressway
Suite 308
Dallas, TX 75231
Alliance Career Institute
9304 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75243
Dallas Nursing Institute
12170 N. Abrams Rd.
Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75243
Hearts in Training
10611 Garland Rd.
Suite 102
Dallas, TX 75218
Ideal Nursing Institute
10935 Estate Lane
Suite 111
Dallas, TX 75283