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March 15, 2016 Alzheimers

What Are Signs of Alzheimer’s?

Information about Alzheimer’s from Granny NANNIES

Facing that a loved one may have Alzheimer’s is something none of us wants to deal with, or consider, but it is important that the disease be recognized as soon as possible so that the best care can be provided for the affected person. Granny NANNIES of Dallas offers the aid of professionals who specialize in Alzheimer’s care and are qualified to support Alzheimer patients and improve quality of life.

The following are early warning signs to watch out for:

  • Having a problem retaining recently learned information is a very common early sign. This can be coupled with needing to have the same question answered frequently, and having to rely more and more on memory aids, like notes.
  • Disengaging from the day to day business of life in favor of always watching television, or napping.
  • Struggling with words, or using the wrong words in speech, or in writing. Or, suddenly getting stuck in the middle of a conversation and not knowing how to proceed.
  • Issues with completing tasks, even ones that were commonly handled before, may develop. Problems may also crop up in matters of getting lost while driving, even in an area that the person was formerly very familiar with.
  • Lapses in judgment can occur, perhaps making the person vulnerable to phone scams, or bogus messages appearing while on the internet.
  • Experiencing confusion when out of familiar surroundings. Feelings of fear and anxiety may occur in these situations.
  • Anger and depression from the frustration of dealing with this condition.
  • Wandering may occur, with potential safety concerns, when people become disoriented.
  • Having difficulty planning.

If the above symptoms are present, consult with your physician to have a complete physical work up done in order to determine if a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is justified. This may include an evaluation of the client’s medical history, as well as physical, cognitive and neurological testing.

How Granny NANNIES of Dallas, TX can help

Granny NANNIES of Dallas’s can help to alleviate a lot of the stress from caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, as well as for the patient, Certified Nursing Assistants offer in-home health care that strives to provide for the body and the mind. Mental stimulation is provided in the form of mind games and crossword puzzles. Healthy meals are prepared to the client’s liking, while also following all health and dietary guidelines to insure optimal nutrition. And every effort is made to be sure the client can be as independent as possible within their familiar home environment. A Professional caregiver can also provide education about Alzheimer’s, providing a framework of understanding the Disease and its effects.