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April 2, 2016 Alzheimers

How Do You Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is a common condition most often diagnosed in older adults. The condition affects the brain’s cognitive functioning. The individual may have a difficult time remembering, reasoning or thinking normally. The condition ultimately diminishes the person’s quality of life and impacts their ability to perform routine daily tasks. The disease impacts the person’s ability to enjoy normal daily activities. The several stages of the disease are classified according to the extent the life of the individual has been impacted by the illness.

March 15, 2016 Alzheimers

What Are Signs of Alzheimer’s?

Information about Alzheimer’s from Granny NANNIES

Facing that a loved one may have Alzheimer’s is something none of us wants to deal with, or consider, but it is important that the disease be recognized as soon as possible so that the best care can be provided for the affected person. Granny Nannies Dallas offers the aid of professionals who specialize in Alzheimer’s care and are qualified to support Alzheimer patients and improve quality of life.

March 14, 2016 Alzheimers

Effect of Alzheimer’s on Loved Ones

Witnessing a loved one battle Alzheimer’s disease is difficult, and being responsible for that person’s care is more difficult still. For caregivers, part of their job is to support each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. Below are some areas of difficulty that we have observed over the years as we worked with family members who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s: